The BIDE-YM community has since it’s start back in January 2017 grown at immense speed and has 200+ members as of 2019. Becoming a member, you also become a part of that community. Alongside all of these incredible people, you get to visit some of the most beautiful locations on earth and participate in gruelling treks across some of the most scenic vistas on earth.

Every year, the BIDE-YM members visit a new location for ten days of hiking, mountain biking, climbing and paragliding. Sometimes member initiated trips are organized over weekends for a smaller group of people, still following the BIDE-YM concept, but the annual big trip is a standard part of the yearly membership fee. See our destinations here.








At BIDE-YM we want our members to have easy access to the most recent news within the Extreme Sport Community. Share your stories, passions and socialize with other BIDE-YMers in our app.

We at BIDE-EM will also share updates on the upcoming trips, seminars and after works. You can find it at App-Store or Google Play.