2017 Lofoten, Norway

The islands of northern Norway are the perfect destination if you enjoy hiking, scenic drives, and jaw-dropping landscapes. In 2017 BIDE-YM had some magical days in the Lofoten Islands.

This year we chose to do the hike in late September/early October. This meant shorter days and an increased chance of precipitation, however, we decided it was worth it for the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. It turned out we were lucky on both counts. We had fine weather for roughly six out of the ten days, and were treated to Mother Nature’s mesmerizing light show during the final couple of nights of the trip.  

2018 Pequeno Alpamayo,  Bolivia

In 2018 BIDE-YM explored the beauty of Bolivia on a ten day excursion to some of the most thrilling peaks! We went on an expedition to Pequeno Alpamayo, Huayana Potosi, and Illimani for exciting climbs and dramatic views! Pequeno Alpamayo has a glacier that, while not extremely technical, was a great way to get acclimatized to the environment. Huayana Potosi offered a little bit of snow climbing as we made our way to its summit. Superlative in its natural beauty, rugged, vexing, complex and slightly nerve-racking

2019 Eiger Eiger Mountains, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Last year BIDE-YM arranged a trip to the beautiful Eiger Mountains of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. Towering 3.867 meters above sea level, Eiger is perhaps the most famous mountaineering destination in the Bernese Oberland. During ten days 70 BIDE-YM- enthusiasts looked over the beautiful

Grindelwald while enjoying a quintessential rock climbing experience and taking in some incredible views along the way.